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28/08/2001. Added information about HP-260 Series 30 server. It also comes using a new computer documentation style (small change).

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Old computers stuff.


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Only one section by now.


Only one section by now.

Web Site Building


I'm not English-native, then this whole website may have some lexical, grammatical or syntactical errors. I would be pleased if I receive any note about that; I'll try to correct it as soon as possible, and it will help me improving my English. Thanks!

File types

All of the files in this web site exist as MIME types. Some servers doesn't allow the downloading of files that aren't MIME classified (.bat, .log, ...).

File parts

Due to limitations in the free servers that host this site, some of the files have been splitted into different parts. For example, imagine you have the file in 4 parts:,,, Then, you have to merge all the files into one. You can use a command like that in DOS:

copy /b + /b + /b + /b

That's me

I'm this website webmaster, so you can contact me using the e-mail at the bottom of this page. Anyway, you can contact me through:

[It will soon hold a pic of me too :]

TO DO list

Add a picture of me

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